Study Tips For The ISTQB Certification Exams

Preparing for the ISTQB certification exam can be a daunting task. Sometimes it can be challenging and stressful depending on your circumstances.

Hence we have compiled a list of study tips that can help you face the ISTQB certification exams successfully

  • We highly recommend you register and schedule your ISTQB training from an ISTQB accredited training provider in advance to keep your studying on track
  • You also want to stay on a consistent schedule of preparation without large gaps in between studying.  It is very hard to be “exam-ready” if you cram for an exam
  • Your main goal before the ISTQB exam is to try and establish knowledge of the items that you are having the most difficulty learning.
  • As you learn from the syllabus and glossary, remember to test yourself periodically. The things you know well should be very easy for you on exam day.
  • Form a study group in your organization who have or will be taking the ISTQB exam. It’s also easier to study consistently when you have others studying on the same schedule.
  • Take the ISTQB practice exams frequently. This will help you identify where you need to go back and restudy the items you are not retaining well.