Remote Proctor Exams are available as a permanent option for all ISTQB exam

The ISTQB General Assembly meeting in Dublin on 13th May 2022 voted to permit exam delivery via remote proctor as a permanent option for candidates taking certification exams that are part of the ISTQB Certified Tester scheme.

ISTQB fast-tracked the introduction of remote proctored exams during the Covid-19 pandemic recognizing the urgent need to support the community. Strict criteria were set for both the remote proctor platforms and the exam providers to ensure the security and integrity of the exams. The ISTQB Executive closely monitored results and market feedback. Remotely proctored exams have become widely accepted across the certification industry and within the ISTQB ecosystem. The flexibility, convenience, ease of access, and use offered by remote proctored exams have been welcomed around the world.

Paper and other online delivery options, including via authorized test centers, are also available to candidates, accredited training providers and organizations who require ISTQB exams.