ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester

The Mobile Tester Foundation e-learning course is ideal for testers and test teams preparing for certification. This hands-on course provides testers and test managers with an understanding of the fundamentals of testing on mobile projects.

You may book e-learning training only for $799 or optionally add an electronic ASTQB certification exam for an additional $310.

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ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Training and Exam


Rex Black
Rex Black

Rex Black, past President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), past President of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), Project Manager and Technical Editor for ISTQB Foundation Syllabus 2018, Chair of the Agile Working Group, and co-author of over ten other ISTQB syllabi.


The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Identify and mitigate the challenges that face a mobile application tester.
  • Plan, design and implement appropriate test cases for mobile applications.
  • Work with other team members to identify and assess risks and to implement a testing solution to help mitigate those risks.
  • Identify the applicable quality characteristics for a mobile application and identify an appropriate testing approach to address those characteristics.
  • Participate in tool analysis and selection to select the most appropriate tools for conducting mobile application testing.
  • Identify areas for non-functional testing and prepare appropriate tests for those areas.
  • Understand the differences between the various mobile application types and select appropriate tools, techniques, and approaches to test those applications.
  • Effectively employ simulators, emulators, and the cloud for testing.
  • Participate in planning for the future, including proper tool selection and building for maintainability.



Purchase of the e-learning course includes:

  • Three months of unlimited access to the online course
  • A set of approximately 200 PowerPoint slides covering the topics to be addressed
  • A downloadable copy of the complete note set. Download the materials to a PC or mobile device.

*There is no expiration date on access to this valuable resource as they will be downloadable. Digital rights management and intellectual property rights are protected by some limitations such as the inability to share the file with others. Further, while the materials can be printed, each page includes a prominent watermark, with the exception of the pages in the ISTQB Syllabus and Glossary.A mock exam to provide a review of the Foundation Level exam

  • Mobile Tester Foundation Sample Exam Questions embedded throughout course
  • Exercise solutions
  • A mock exam to assess readiness for the ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester exam
  • Project Source Documents for Course Exercises
  • Course completion certificate (often used for employer reimbursement)

Course Outline

1.0 Introduction to Mobile Testing
1.1 What is a Mobile Application
1.2 Expectations from Mobile Users
1.3 Challenges for Testers
1.4 Necessary Skills
1.5 Equipment Requirements
1.6 Lifecycle Models

2.0 Test Planning and Design
2.1 Identify Functions and Attributes
2.2 Identify and Assess Risks
2.3 Determine Coverage Goals
2.4 Determine Test Approach
2.5 Identify Test Conditions for Mobile Testing
2.6 Regression Testing

3.0 Quality Characteristics for Mobile Testing
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Functional Testing
3.3 Non-Functional Testing

4.0 Environments and Tools
4.1 Tools
4.2 Environments and Protocols
4.3 Specific Application-Based Environment Considerations
4.4 Real Devices, Simulators, Emulators and the Cloud
4.5 Performance Test Tools and Support
4.6 Test Automation

5.0 Future-Proofing
5.1 Expect Rapid Growth
5.2 Build for Change
5.3 Plan for the Future
5.4 Anticipating the Future

Certification Exam:

  • If you had purchased an exam, an exam voucher will be emailed to you with instructions on how to book the ASTQB certification exam in a separate email
  • Remote-proctored exams – In response to Covid-19 and the necessity of social distance, the ASTQB Certified Tester exams can be taken online at home via a remote-proctor
  • The ASTQB Mobil Tester Certification exam is comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions, with a pass mark grade of 65% to be completed within 60 minutes